Little Caterpillars

The Butterflies Learning Centre’s early learning program has been designed to ease your child’s integration into the routines and the demands of an international schooling system.

Promoting Reading

At the BLC we promote reading every day!
Reading allows children to develop their story telling abilities; it enhances their vocabulary and fluency and it opens a door to the world of the imaginarium.

Chillax @ BLC means wellness!

Because only when harmony between body, mind and spirit are aligned can the human brain enthusiastically welcome any type of experience that lasts and brings change.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s workforce

School subjects should change to include keys areas such as Critical Thinking, Creativity, Problem Solving, etc. Here’s why and how we, at the BLC, can help your child.

The School Readiness Program – Everything you need to know

How can we, as parents, ensure that we are fully preparing our young children to enter the International School world? We at the Butterflies Learning Centre have the answer! The School Readiness Program.

Summer Reading

Summer is the perfect time to introduce and boost your children’s good reading habits. Discover the benefits of introducing literacy from an early age and follow the BLC recommended titles.

Summer Activities for your Children

Creativity is the freest way for anyone to express themselves. In children, the ability to be creative can reflect and nurture children’s emotional health, especially in the first years of their life.

Inclusive Learning

At BLC we believe and practice a holistic and inclusive approach to education and embrace all children with any kind of learning disabilities.

A glimpse of our Inauguration Event

On 29th February 2020, the Butterflies Learning Centre opened its doors.

Who is the Butterflies Learning Centre?

Find out who the Butterflies Learning Centre is and what services they have to offer!