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Is your English a little ‘rusty’ and out of practice?

How about start practicing it?

Our very informal sessions allow you to reach back into your mind for long forgotten vocabulary and put it into practice. We’ll also learn new vocabulary, new grammar structures and new strategies through fun, engaging and practical activities.

A typical session includes 30-minutes of teaching / revisiting target language followed by 60 minutes of guided conversation to put it into practice. 

Participants are invited to bring topics of their interest for discussion with the group.

Our sessions are vibrant and full of variety and, as our participants are all adults, no topic is taboo (within limits)!

Expert in this matter

Teresa de Gruyter

Over the last decade Teresa has taken a special interest in preparing children and teenagers for the different Cambridge exam levels. She has worked as an ESL Teacher with many different language schools throughout the district of Lisbon, as well as an English Teacher to the Portuguese Curriculum from pre-school, to 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles.

Teresa de Gruyter