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The school readiness program is an exclusive pre-school program held at the Butterflies Learning Centre. It caters for children aged 3-6 years old and it aims to give them the right start from an early age by implementing daily mindfulness habits (being aware from the present moment) and expose children to academic content through play.

The program is child centred and promotes play-based activities focusing on all main areas of the child development, i.e. cognitive, social – emotional, gross- and fine-motors skill.

The expected outcomes, all of which are essential to succeed as citizens of the world, are:

  • enhanced positive feelings and moods
  • lower anxiety and stress
  • capacity to self-regulate
  • improve social skills and the ability to sort conflict in a positive manner
  • strengthened communication skills
  • better decision-making
  • shapes tolerance, empathy and acceptance of diversity

This is an exceptional program open to a maximum of 15 children with 2 educators with a view to prepare children to succeed, mainly, for the International School World.

What makes it unique it’s the emphasis based on educating the child as a whole thus bringing alive several mindfulness activities such as yoga, resilience, conflict resolution and other alternative techniques, so they have the ability to self-regulate, carry with them lower anxiety levels and are capable of making better decisions.

For the child in the present, these embedded activities are seen as play, but for the ‘adult to be’ they will translate into a balanced, assertive yet kind and compassionate individual, ready to thrive and adjust to this fast changing world we live in.

Quoting Frederick Douglass “it is easier to build stronger children than to mend broken men”.  These stronger children will be the adults of tomorrow and they will one day replicate the same strategies with their own children, and the cycle will continue with positive change in the world.

Overall, the School Readiness Program aims to promote happier children with good mental-health, curiosity and good-critical thinking skills by planning activities based on what children do best – play.

“Play is the beginning of knowledge” by George Dorsey

“Play is the beginning of an harmonious and happier fulfilling adult life” by the BLC

Sessions take place in the morning, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 13:00 and include a mid-morning snack (usually a piece of fruit and bread).

Butterflies Learning Centre
Expert in this matter

Karima Juma

Karima has 20 years experience within the international education scene in different roles and in the different countries. She is a Montessori and IB trained teacher, a certified mindfulness instructor and a counsellor for young children and adolescents.

She’s currently working as a parent educator, counsellor and support teacher for students with special needs.

Karima Juma