We bring a fun approach to education...

... where the structures to learn are present, but so is the playful component. We celebrate diversity and inclusiveness, thus all learners are welcome despite of their age or their different abilities.

At BLC we empower you to take charge and transform the quality of your life, because “if nothing ever changes, there will be no butterflies.”


20+ years of experience

Our vision

The hope of any parent is that their child will grow to be a happy, confident and healthy adult in all its forms (mind, body and spirit) and because your child will recreate the same parenting style, remember to be a good role model!

At BLC we can assist you upgrading your parenting skills so you can respond to this ever-changing technological world. We can provide your children with the fundamental tools they need to become successful, respectful and better adults of tomorrow.

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Our team

Teresa de Gruyter

Over the last decade Teresa has taken a special interest in preparing children and teenagers for the different Cambridge exam levels. She has worked as an ESL Teacher with many different language schools throughout the district of Lisbon, as well as an English Teacher to the Portuguese Curriculum from pre-school, to 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles.

Teresa strongly believes that in order to fully retain information a person needs to experience it hands-on, so she constantly brings practical elements and different ways of experimenting the target language in the form of songs, games or projects. Due to her very own creative processes, she’s fully adaptable to the needs of the different children and is able to mould herself to the required style of learning of a particular child or group of children.

Teresa is also very passionate about teaching adults to overcome their own barriers when it comes to learning English. She’s often heard saying that “one of the biggest pleasures of teaching an adult to understand and then speak the English language is to see the surprise in their faces when they first realise that they can hold a basic conversation with someone else.”

Butterflies Learning Centre :: Nejal

Nejal Chotalal

Nejal holds a MSc in Psychology and is a flexible team member with great communication and problem solving skills, these allow her to be a good and efficient communicator, adapting her organisational skills as needed.
Her leadership abilities have gained her more responsibility and trust in the working environment.

Her experience with children from different cultures and abilities has brought her attention to a person-centred approached, she is able to customise her working environment to fit the individual. Working with children has given her the opportunity to communicate productively with care-givers and express her concerns and satisfactions.

She has worked with elder individuals with different backgrounds, ages and disabilities, which experience has allowed to be creative and use her own initiative. Her passion for psychology pushes her to broaden her skills in the field. Trial and error also allow her to analyse which method works best.

Our collaborators __

Butterflies Learning Centre :: Catarina Rolo

Catarina Rolo

Catarina has a degree in Educational Psychology, obtained in 2003. The relationships people form between themselves and with themselves has always motivated her to moments of higher reflection and study. Her interest in this area has lead her to further studies in Family Therapy, in 2005.

Yoga entered her life in 2006, as a practitioner, and as a student in 2016. Since then, she had taken the Yoga Kids, Yoga and Yoga in Pregnancy courses. Currently, in her continuous search for knowledge on everything related to the human being, she has also become enchanted by aromatherapy.

Butterflies Learning Centre :: Ana

Ana Mitsiaris

Ana claims that ever since she can remember she’s always had a colouring pencil or paintbrush in her hand. She loves creating and making something new and beautiful with her own hands, and then, smiling about it, she starts feeling good about her new creation. 

Ana began sharing this passion with others from an early age but it was after moving to Portugal that she began working with children, teaching them how to have the confidence to create something pretty with their own hands. These are the most rewarding moments for her, when she knows that their creative juices have been at work in full force.